We were contacted by BMB Denmark since they needed a logo for their newly started business.

The company supplies LED lighting, both the bulb and the entire fittings. The idea, to deliver a better quality than the competitors. Primarily, they would like to provide more light (lumens) per. Watt and a longer life!

BMB Denmark WEB


BMB Denmark had sent an idea, how they could imagine the logo should look like. But when we started working with the logo we ended up with a slightly different, but better results.

It was important for the client to clarify Denmark in the logo. By using the same font with different thickness and smaller size and greater tracking, “Denmark” hang well with the main elements of the logo. We chose colors that are popular at the moment and has a futuristic clean and simple look. The relationship of the two colors is carefully calculated using color theory.BMB Denmark business card

The two B letters is overlapping the M and one is flipped to provide symmetry. Tightness of the letters and the two colors gives a depth and 3D effect in the logo. The center of the M (V) together with the arch above the letters giving the feeling of a light bulb without directly show it.

We provide a comprehensive package of both print files and files for WEB.


  • Idea and concept
  • Design / Layout